St. John Allerdyce


St John is a baby faced, bright eyed twenty-something, hidden under an unkempt and lightly groomed appearance.. His eyes radiate with the intensity of a mad man.


John “St. John” Allerdyce was born and raised in Australia. He was sixteen when his powers manifested, but he chose to hide them from the world to pursue a normal future. Originally a bright eyed and bushy tailed teen, St John knew his calling was in writing. He became a journalist’s apprentice in Asia during the Korean War, where he would live for many years.

As the years went on, he began writing torrid Gothic romances based on what he saw in his job, and distributed them through local news stands for minor compensation. They didn’t sell at first, so St John moved on to comics geared to an adult audience. This did quite well with the US military.

Convinced that he could make it, he took his life savings and invested it into a shot at making it in New York City. After a year of hardship in convincing the citizenship that comics were for adults as well, St John was left broke and homeless. He would find his way to M-Town, where he would chance upon Moira’s Shelter. He was nicknamed St John by the locals for a witnessed act of kindness, involving the free distribution of his remaining comics to the teens in the shelter. He would later go on to join the Brotherhood, a group of mutant extremists based out of M-Town.

In Season One, Episode One, St. John served as the primary Wedge by terrorizing the opening of the Salem Shelter Clinic, landing the Senator’s son in the hospital with severe burns.

Power Set: Pyrokinetic Mutation
1. Fire Control d10

St. John Allerdyce

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