Megan Gwynn


Megan Gwynn is attractive to say the least, but there is something quite apparently odd about the way she presents herself. She is known for her big smiles and matter-of-fact expressions that coincide with her up front personality.


Megan Gwynn was raised by her grandparents in the small mining town of Abergylid, Wales. Her mutant powers manifested in a near-miss road accident involving her bicycle and another car. Megan sprouted small wings and took flight into the air, avoiding what would have likely been certain death.

When her grandparents learned of her ‘freakish wings’, they sent her off to Braddock Manor, a facility harboring Great Britain’s ‘gifted’. Megan doesn’t speak much about her time at the manor, though she seems to have spent at least a couple of years there.

Megan joined Xavier’s School the day after Christmas. In her short time at the school, she has proven herself to be an amiable and cheerful student, where she fits in well enough with the Xavier School Student Body.

Power Set: Fairy Trappings
1. Flight d8
2. Mind Control d8
3. Expert Sorcery d8

Megan Gwynn

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