Magnus Tate


46Willard.HZ_large.jpgTall, and built like a Sherman tank, Magnus is a formidable looking 17 year old. He is the epitome of the All-American athlete, aside from the fact that he is a mutant (and proud of it).


Magnus’ story starts out well before it sours. Eldest child in a lower class African-American family, life was pretty good until his mother died. Devastated, his father turned to the bottle, spiraling deeper and deeper into darkness. Unable to hold a job, he turned his frustration, anger and sorrow on his eldest boy.

Nothing Magnus could do was enough. Without fail, his father would tirade at Magnus about his failings as an athlete. Often, his father would wander into Magnus’ room late at night and lay a whupping on him to “teach him a lesson”. Magnus proved to be remarkably resilient and resistent to these beatings, accepting them. He could handle the beatings, and didn’t want to see his father turn on his little sister, Sarah.

When he was 14, Magnus’ father was again beating his son. Magnus exploded with rage and lashed out with his fist, punching his father and snapping his neck like dry tinder.

Magnus knew he had to run.

Magnus Tate

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