Logan is a particularly gruff looking tough guy with a unique hairdo. There is an air of mystery and intensity to Logan that most find compelling. He is often seen with a cigar in his mouth or a bottle of beer in his hand.


Raven is a Shapeshifter with two primary appearances. Her preferred form portrays Raven as the girl next door, in her late teens with a toned build, a soft chin, pale skin and wavy, sandy blonde hair.

Raven’s true mutant form is that of a blue skinned creature with intense yellow eyes and bright red hair.

Value Rating Statement
Duty D8 Let me tell you a thing or two about service.
Glory D6 I am the best at what I do.
Justice D6 Revenge.
Love D6 I walk this life alone.
Power D6 Lived a lifetime, ain’t nothin’s changed.
Truth D6 What I do isn’t very nice.

Relationship Rating Statement
Erik D6 His friendship keeps him from being a maniac.
Charles D6 A mutant who cares. Maybe the only one.
Moira D6 She’s done so much for our kind.
Magnus D6 This kid knows how to have a good time.
Jimmy D6 Probably a momma’s boy, but he’s alright.
Kitty Pryde D8 The little sister I never had.
Resources Rating Speciality
Xavier’s School D6
Salem Shelter D4
Feral Mutant
Stamina D12 Senses D10
SFX: Healing Factor Spend 1 PP to recover your physical stress and step back your physical trauma by –1.
Limit: Mutant Earn 1 PP when affected by mutant-specific Complications and tech.
Meance Master D10 Combat Expert D8 Covert Expert D8
Distinction Rating
Observant D8
Athletic D8
Right Place, Right Time D8
Martial Arts D8

Logan has a buried past. Logan wears Dog Tags that no one has managed to get their hands on. The last idiot that tried ended up in the hospital. Most would suspect he is US Special Forces. After one particular bar fight, Logan was shot point blank in the head. What surprised those who watched the scene, is the exiting of the bullet from his eye socket within minutes and the regenerating of his eye. Logan was taken by Magnus to the unopened clinic where he was tended to. Charles restored Logan to consciousness. Logan just glared at Charles as he left. Charles whispered to Moira that he was the oldest mutant he has met to date.

The rest of Logan’s tale is a mystery. He can be seen in and around Salem Center, most often at a place that serves alcohol. He has a few favorite hotspots fort those that know him. In recent weeks, he has agreed to help Magnus learn how to ‘fight like a soldier’. The two haven’t arranged anything yet.


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