Erik Lehnsherr


Erik has strong posture, lean muscle, and sharp masculine features. His hair is most often side slicked, and his eyes radiate with intensity that tells a tale of guilt and tragedy. By default, he is most often seen with a grim expression on his face, but when he reveals his bright smile, it is generally sincere.

Erik is in his early-thirties.

Value Rating Statement
Duty D8 The students will look to me for answers.
Glory D4 This is not about recognition.
Justice D6 All who have caused suffering will face retribution.
Love D4 I buried my heart long ago.
Power D8 Our mutations are what makes us better.
Truth D12 Mutants and humans will never co-exist peacefully.
Relationship Rating Statement
Charles D10 We will do this together.
Zak D4 Powerful.
Koah D6 This one has potential.
Magnus D4 He’s hiding something.
Dekker D6 A mutant with training, a rare breed…
Jimmy D4 This one lacks confidence.
Raven D6 She’s good. I could make her great.
Warren Worthington III D6 Like father, like son.
Resources Rating Speciality
Student Body D10 Combat, Medical
Hellfire Club NY D8 Business, Menace
Emma Frost D4 Psych, Business
Master of Magnetism
Magnetic Supremacy D12 Superhuman Durability D10 Flight D8 Enhanced Stamina D8
SFX: Area Attack Against multiple targets, for each additional target add a d6 and keep an additional effect die…
SFX: Invulnerable Against multiple targets, for each additional target add a d6 and keep an additional effect die…
Limit: Mutant Earn 1 PP when affected by mutant-specific Complications and tech.
Limit: Guilt Step up emotional stress inflicted by moral or religious dilemmas to gain 1 pp.
Menace Expert D8 Combat Expert D8 Tech Expert D8 Science Expert D8
Distinction Rating
Big Brother D4
Guilty D8
Wilful D8
On a Mission D8
Not Born Yesterday D8

The man known as Erik Lehnsherr was born Max Eisenherdt, born to a Jewish Family in Nazi Germany. He attended grade school in Nuremberg Germany, where he would go on to win a javelin tournament. Given his unlikely build, the young Max was accused of cheating, beaten and thrown from the school.

Within six months, Max’s family were thrown from their home. His father was beaten to death. Max and his uncle fled Nuremberg to Warsaw, where they became trapped in a poverty prison. It was only a short time before Max was split from his uncle, and brought to Auschwitz.

It was here that he would reconnect with Magda, his grade school crush from Nuremberg. Magda was a gypsy, and the two made a lot of difficult choices to avoid the gas chamber. These choices continue to haunt Erik through reoccurring nightmares. Eventually, Max and Magda positioned themselves into an opportunity to escape, and quickly took it. They fled the camp just a day before Magda was scheduled to be gassed.

Max and Magda fled to the Soviety city of Vinnitsa, where the young teens exchanged vows of matrimony. The Great War was nearing an end, and it seemed like Max and Magda had survived the worst of what life would throw at them., but it couldn’t be further from the truth. One day while working, Max wound up in a heated argument with his boss. His powers activated for the first time since grade school, and he buried a wrench in the wall, just inches away from his manager’s head. Realizing that he drew unwanted intention, he started back home by foot.

Max returned from his job to find the hotel he was staying at in shambles, and Magda missing. It didn’t take long for Max to learn of Magda’s imprisonment. Max spent every waking hour training his power in a hope to soon free Magda. But before the year was through, he had learned of Magda’s death by way of infection. Max took revenge by collapsing the prison complex, killing everyone inside. He turned his attention back to his former captives, hunting down and brutally murdering every former Nazi officer he could find, that evaded war crimes.

Max’s nightmares became worse, to the point of collapsing just moments before killing his next target. He was found by a nurse and taken to clinic. After recovering, Max restarted life as Erik Lehnsherr, seeking to aid the Jewish survivors. After volunteering with Charles Xavier, he shifted his passion to the mutant cause.

Erik Lehnsherr

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