Zakariah Clements


Zac is slim with a medium build and messy brown hair and blue eyes. He is 17 yrs old. He is typically care free and easy to talk to.


Zakariah ‘Zac’ was born on a sheep farm in the Australian Outback. He worked on the farm year round, not going to school, and receiving only a minimal education at home. He can read and write though not competently. At 16 he began to realize some of his abilities and, in secret, started pushing himself to see what he could do. After an accident on the farm which he was blamed for, his father disowned him and told him to leave. Zac wandered around the area, staying close to the farm for several months.

Tragedy and Zac’s naivete came together again when he accidentally caused a sink hole to swallow up three homes in a local town while helping to dig a well. Another four months would pass with Zac wandering the area before Xavier mysteriously showed up one day and offered him a place at the school. Reluctantly, Zac accepted.

Zakariah Clements

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