Warren Worthington III



Warren Worthington III is a classically handsome young man with bright eyes and light hair. Warren is always dressed in fashion, regardless of the formality of the event. He has a warm smile, and speaks with an interest in his voice that makes you want to trust him.

Value Rating Statement
Duty D10 I will use my wealth responsibly.
Glory D4 A bit of time in the limelight doesn’t hurt.
Justice D6 There is too much injustice in the world.
Love D4 There are few I know well enough to say I love.
Power D8 It helps to get the job done right.
Truth D10 It is best to hide it, people won’t understand.
Relationship Rating Statement
Erik D10 A frightening past, this man deserves better.
Dekker D6 His help with Edward won’t go unnoticed…
Resources Rating Speciality
Emma Frost D8 Psych, Business
Hellfire Club NY D6 Business, Menace
Hellfire Club NY Branch D10 Psych, Business
Winged Mutant
Flight D8 Superhuman Stamina D10
SFX: Healing Blood Add Superhuman Stamina to your dice pool when helping others recover stress. Spend 1 pp to recover your own or another’s physical stress or step back your own or another’s physical trauma..
SFX: Winged Charge Against a single target, step up or double Subsonic Flight. Remove the highest rolling die and use three dice for your total.Take your second-highest rolling die of each subsequent action or reaction as physical stress..
Limit: Mutant Earn 1 PP when affected by mutant-specific Complications and tech.
Limit: Double Life Step up emotional stress inflicted by issues with the strain of your double life to gain 1 pp.
Business Master D10 Acrobatic Master D10 Combat Expert D8 Psych Expert D8
Distinction Rating
Connected D12
Agile D8
Cosmopolitan D4
Wealthy D12

Warren Kenneth Worthington III is the mutant son of the wealthy Warren K Worthington Jr and his wife Kathryn. Warren is a straight and narrow business man, proving that it was still possible to be a responsible fortune tycoon in the early sixties. Warren recently attended New York University where he met Moria and learned of her shelter. He has also shown some interest in what is going on with Salem, since his family estate is mere hours away.

Warren has contacts in high places, and sees to third party funding for a number of entities, including the New York Military Academy.

Warren Worthington III

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