Senator Robert Kelly


Senator Robert Kelly is a fit and well groomed politician, with a stern face and glasses. His hair is thin and blonde, with a hint of aged white, most often worn in a side part.


As member of the U.S. Senate, Robert Kelly long regarded the growing number of mutants as a threat to national security. He started to ‘fight back’ against this perceived threat locally, by targeting the M-Town Shelter located in a slum district in New York City notorious for it’s massive mutant population. The clinic was saved by one Moira MacTaggert, who volunteered her time away from studies at the clinic. She also gathered enough support to keep the Senator’s attempts to close the shelter at bay.

Senator Kelly perceived himself victorious, when he forced the fire codes of the M-Town Shelter to reduce it’s allowed capacity to half. But it was a short lived victory, as Moira soon after announced a second shelter would be opened in Salem Center, New York, and a number of the mutant regulars would be moving along with the shelter, in an attempt to reintegrate into society. The media coverage began questioning Senator Kelly’s tie to the regular attempts to close the M-Town Clinic.

In an attempt to renew his public face, Senator Kelly orchestrated a public appearance at the Grand Opening of the Salem Shelter along with his son Edward Kelly. When a mutant terrorist known to the media as Pyro made an attempt at publicly assassinating Senator Kelly, Edward shoved his father out of the way of the fiery inferno, leaving him with severe burns over the majority of his body. The failed assassination attempt fueled the Senator’s resolve to renew his political crusade against Mutants.

Senator Robert Kelly

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