Sarah Tate



Sarah is a bright young student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Her skin is a mild chocolate color, her eyes are big and bright, and her smile is gorgeous.

Value Rating Statement
Duty D8 I can make a difference.
Glory D4 I’d rather have a few good friends.
Justice D6 I do my best to make the right choice.
Love D8 I will fight for those I love.
Power D6 I find mutant abilities fascinating.
Truth D4 Stay positive, ignore the noise.
Relationship Rating Statement
Moira D10 My new mother.
Magnus D10 He’s the best brother I could ask for.
Resources Rating Speciality
Salem Shelter D8 ?
Cosmic Current
Cosmic Blast D10 Cosmic Control D6
SFX: Crumble Ancestral Boost. Step up or double a Cosmic Current die for that Scene, or spend 1 PP to do both. Take your second-highest rolling die of each subsequent action or reaction as physical stress..
Limit: Mutant Earn 1 PP when affected by mutant-specific Complications and tech.
Medical Novice D6 Science Novice D6
Distinction Rating
Likeable D4
Willful D4
Observant D4
Big Hearted D8

Sarah Tate is the sister of Magnus Tate, a mutant member of Xavier School’s First Class.

Sarah is a bright student for her age, excelling in multiple disciplines of science. She is also the most upbeat personality on the campus to date. She has a special way of always looking at the bright side of every scenario, a stark contrast to many other mutants.

Unlike her brother, Sarah has just recently discovered her powers. She was attacked while staying in Moira’s Shelter in M-Town six months ago. Her power activated, and covered her in a bubble of electricity before lashing out, and sending her mutant assailant through the wall. Sarah collapsed immediately after, and was left with several third degree burns that took several months to return to normal. She has used her power only a couple of times since, and in more controlled environments. The burns are not avoidable, but with less duration, they do not linger as long.

Sarah has been volunteering with the organizing of Moira’s clinic for the last few weeks.

Power Set: Ion Current
1. Electric Bolt d10
2. Electrical Control d8

Sarah Tate

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