Maura Hale


Maura has silky brown hair, beautiful , wide blue eyes and a curvy build.

She is in her late teens.

Value Rating Statement
Duty D4 If I don’t look out for myself, who will?
Glory D8 Fame can get you places.
Justice D6 The world could use some justice.
Love D10 To be loved is all I have ever wanted.
Power D6 I’m changed, and I’m not sure for the better.
Truth D8 It was hard enough surviving when I wasn’t a freak.
Relationship Rating Statement
St. John D8 We spent time together. Now, he’s more like a lost brother.
Fred D8 An overprotective, younger brother. He’s a sweetheart.
Dominikos D8 The lines are not clear, but this works for now.
Magnus D8 I will miss him.
Koah D6 He is always distracting Magnus.
Jimmy D4 This one lacks confidence.
Moira D8 She took me in, when noone else cared.
Resources Rating Speciality
The Brotherhood D8 Combat, Crime
Morlocks D6 Covert, Crime
Pain Transferral
Enhanced Stamina D8 Enhanced Durability D8 Pain Sense D10 Pain Manipulation D10
SFX: Rerout Pain Shutdown your highest-rated PAIN TRANSFERRAL (Power Set) or a Pain Manipulation (Power) asset to recover your own or another’s physical stress or step back your own or another’s physical trauma.
SFX: Create Pain When using Pain Manipulation (power) for physical stress on a target,add a d8 and keep an extra effect die for either physical stress or a Pain Manipulation asset.
Limit: Mutant Earn 1 PP when affected by mutant-specific Complications and tech.
Limit: Exhausted
Menace Expert D8 Combat Expert D8 Tech Expert D8 Science Expert D8
Distinction Rating
Shameless Flirt D8
Smartass D8
Impulsive D8
Attractive D8

Maura was removed from her parents as an abused child, and put into the foster system. You always hear about the ones that fall through the hole. Maura was the perfect media case for such a scenario. After three sets of foster parents in Upstate New York, she escaped to New York where she lived on the street for the remainder of her teenage years.

One night while sleeping, Maura was attacked by two men in the alley. Using a broken bottle, she punctured her first assailant multiple times in the torso, leaving him bleeding. The second assailant got the best of her, landing a pipe to the back of her head, leaving her in a daze as he attempted to force himself on her. Maura reached out will all the energy she had left, and the man grabbed at his head as he doubled over in pain. In reaching out, the wounds and pain of her assault transferred to the second assailant. Out of sheer terror and instinct, she picked up the lead pipe and beat them both to death.

After the event, she fled to District-X where she hoped to learn more about her powers. She became a resident of the M-Town Shelter where she met Moira, Koah, Magnus and Sarah. Moira was in an on again, off again relationship with Magnus until he left for Xavier’s School. Despite the invitations to join the move, she made it clear that M-Town was her home.

In recent months, Maura has been recognized as a member of the Brotherhood, a gang of mutant activists based out of M-Town.

Maura Hale

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