Lana Clark


Slim blonde with curly hair and a boisterous fashion sense. She always has on makeup, her hair is done and her clothes are typically in shades of red, pink and purple.

Lana is almost 16.


Lana is a former cheerleader who comes from a stable middle income family. Her father is a dentist and her stay at home mom was also a cheerleader; both parents doted on her. She has one younger brother. She is naive and perpetually optimistic; traits which endear her to some and anger others. She is intelligent though rarely shows it and instead defaults to acting ditzy and air headed.

She has been at the school for three months and is generally liked by most of the other. Lana first discovered her ability to teleport when she fell from a pyramid and vanished. When this incident was discovered, she lost a lot of her friends. This hurt her far more than she lets on. Her ability to turn invisible was discovered with Xaviers help within the last month.

Tentative Power Set: Glass and Freedom
1. Teleport d8
2. Invisibility d8

Lana Clark

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