Kitty Pryde


Kitty Pryde is best described as the darling girl next door. She has a brilliant smile and a welcoming face, though rarely dresses in ways that showcase her beautiful features.


Katherine “Kitty” Anne Pryde was leading the normal life of a extremely gifted thirteen year old girl in Deerfield, Illinois when she began suffering increasingly intense headaches. The headaches were a result of Kitty’s mutant power emerging. Kitty possesses the ability to pass through solid matter.

After her powers manifested, her grades began to dip slightly, and the headaches kept her from her extra curricular activities after school. She was able to invent excuses for the rest of the world to believe, but her sudden shift did not get past her parents.. Kitty confessed her powers to her father, and they pleaded with Kitty to continue following her career path, hiding her powers from the world.

Six months ago, Kitty heard of the mutant school in Salem Center, and begged her parents to permit her to attend. They reluctantly agreed, under the condition that she would return home twice a year for a visit. It wasn’t until she began interacting with other mutants that Kitty realized how accepting her parents were of the phenomenon.

Power Set: Phasing
1. Airwalking d6
2. Intangibility d10

Kitty Pryde

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