Graham Pearson


Graham is slight 12 year old boy with freckles, glasses, messy brown hair, and an awkward manner. He is typically thought to be younger based on his childish looks.


Graham came to Xaviers school directly from a local orphanage. He has no knowledge of his parents or any family. His life, though stable, has not been a great one. Being small and quiet, he was commonly bullied by the other children and ignored during any kind of activities. Adding to his small stature, Graham has never enjoyed sports and preferred spending time reading or taking things apart; traits which annoyed adults and alienated most of the other children.

Grahams first power to manifest occurred when he was getting a rough beating from a bully. A shock arced out and knocked the bully unconscious. This event obviously served to make his life even more solitary. Six months would go by before Xavier showed up at the school and offered Graham a place to live where people would ‘understand him’. He gladly accepted. Charles Xavier is now is legal guardian.

Graham has been at the school for eight months; he discovered his other power with Xaviers help.

Tentative Power Set:
1. Control Electricity d6
2. Control Machines d6

Graham Pearson

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