Edward Kelly


Like the young Democratic Party Candidate, John F Kennedy; Edward Kelly is fully of charisma. He is tall, with a slender build, an honest face, a warm smile and kind eyes.


Edward Kelly was forced into the media spotlight as a teenager, as the son of Senator Robert Kelly. Despite the overwhelming expectations, Edward managed to pass each social test with dignity. It was not surprising to anyone that Edward chose to attend Columbia University’s Political Science program.

It was here that Edward Kelly gained a number of friends in high places, including his roomate, Warren Worthington III. He passes opportunities to speak on the subject of mutants out of respect for his father’s social standing, but his view on the subject couldn’t be further from his father.

Season One, Episode One

It was Edward Kelly who convinced his father to take the trip to Salem Center, pitching it at a positive appearance. Edward had motives of his own, hoping that his father’s public approval of the shelter would keep his ability to proactively speak out against mutants in check. This backfired with the attempted assassination that resulted in Senator Kelly’s downward spiral of obsession.

Edward Kelly

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