Captain John Walker


John Walker was a handsome man once upon a time, but war has taken a lot from him. His eyes sunken and dark, his grooming is not strong, with a grown out beard and slicked back hair. But what’s most obvious about this war veteran, is his reliance on a wheelchair. John’s missing his left arm at the elbow and right foot.


John Walker enlisted the moment he was of age, after idolizing his brother who had died in battle at the onset of the Great World War. Walker would find himself stationed in Africa , where they faced heavy fire from Axis units seeking to route the much smaller force. John Walker was within the blast radius of a mortar shell that would claim half of his arm and one of his feet. Walker’s unit was all but destroyed when Captain America arrived with his Howling Commandos, scaring off the superior advancing forces.

Captain led the remnants of the forces further away from the threat until they stumbled upon Wakanda where they were taken prisoner, and eventually released. Walker’s life was saved by the superior technology that the small African nation had, including their use of the rare Vibranium mined from the nation’s lands. When Captain America went missing at the end of the Great War, Walker was sent to lead a search exhibition to Wakanda. Walker used his ties with the small nation to develop a replica of Captain America’s shield. It was a memento of the soldier he was, and the hero he wanted to be.

Captain John Walker

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