Angus Carver


Angus is of a slightly husky build, with brown hair and brown eyes. He is typically seen with a scowl, which compliments his bullying nature.


Angus Carver was born the son of Sgt. Duke Carver, a drill sergeant in the United States Marine Corp. Duke was abusive to Angus at an early age, and the abuse continued until Duke’s heart attack three years ago. Angus’ mom felt that she was losing control over her son as he became a regular problem at his high-school. When his mutant power activated last year, it was in the middle of a school fight. The activation of his power resulted in severe injuries to a classmate. His mother was ready to send Angus to boarding school when Charles and Erik arrived at her door.

It was clear that Angus was not excited about going to the mutant school, and has positioned himself as the school tough guy, but it plays out more like the school bully. Despite being known as a bully, he has managed loose friendships with some of the popular senior class members. Similar to Piotr Rasputin, Angus is capable of creating a durable exterior, though it is limited to Angus shoulders, head and neck. In addition to this, the transformation results in two 9 inch horns that grow from seemingly nowhere during the transformation.

Bull Head:
1. Enhanced Strength D8
2. Superhuman Durability D10
3. Superhuman Stamina D10

Angus Carver

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